Kennel It's Like - Berger des Pyrénées

Jag är utbildad freestyleinstruktör, klickerinstruktör samt rallylydnadsinstruktör. För mig är det viktigt att vara aktiv med hundarna. Som uppfödare vill jag uppmuntra valpköpare att vara aktiva med sina hundar.

We live  close to Tenhult, just east from Jönköping in Småland, Sweden. 1997 i got my first dog, a cairnterrier named My Pals Hurricane, called Harry. After competed with Harry for many years I wanted a dog that had a bit more power. 2006 i got my first Berger des Pyrénées à face rase, Light My Fire Magali called Magi. She was almost 2 years when i got her.

All my dogs have tried a lot of different sports. I like to try new things. I belive that dogs should do some sort of "work". It doesn't matter if it's agility, obedience or if it's searching for food on the lawn. I try to keep my dogs as active as possible. Trying to find new ways to activate them.

2007 Magi had her first litter, breeder Crofter Holdings. The male that was used was Couqui De La Vallee Du Mouton.

Crofter Holding's Courage - Atrejo
Crofter Holding's Foufou - Speed
Crofter Holding's Nanette - Fideli (website)
Crofter Holding's Minette - Scilla
Crofter Holding's Chouette - Nahla
Crofter Holding's Fadette - Sheena

In 2010 we had our first litter, se more under previous litters. It's Like Adonis God Of Desire called Lille-Bengt live with us. He has a lot of energy and is excellent to work with.

My goal is to breed small in a home environment, for the moment just focusing on our future C-litter. If there will be any more litters only the future can tell. I really want to evaluate all puppies.

It's Like strives to produce healthy, typical individuals. Just as important (if not even more important) is a healthy temper, something I will strive to obtain in my litters. Working capacity is also very important. We must never forget that this is a breed made for work.

If you want to know more about us just contact me.