Kennel It's Like - Berger des Pyrénées

My got 4 puppies. All black with white marks. 2 males and 2 females.




It’s Like Bolt Saving The World





It’s Like Batman The Dark Knight





It’s Like Barbie Made Of Plastic







It’s Like Betty Boop-Boop-Be-Doo


Valparna är redan igång och busar. Sliter och drar i allt dom kan hitta, dom vassa tänderna har hittat fram också. Helt bedårande är dom. Det är full fart när dom är vakna, mycket oljud från dom när dom drar runt och brottas med varandra. I bloggen finns bilder och filmer med dom.

Mother: RBM, FP1, DKC, DKV13, DKKV13 Gerry de l’Orée des Sapins (My)

ED:  UA (0) 
Patella: Excellent
Height: 45cm
All teeth

Danish beauty champion.

Competed in rally obedience novice, the beginner’s class.

Took the title RBM. Also got 95p and 3:e place in advanced class.

She is a super friendly dog that loves everyone.
She has very very nice mentality. She is an easy dog to train, a lot of will and power. She has a great attitude and focus.
Both of her parents are great at herding. They have competed succesfully but also work with sheeps and cows at home.

Father: RLD N It's Like Adonis God Of Desire (Lille Bengt)

Eye tested: Excellent 
ED:  UA (0)
Patella: Excellent
Height: 42cm
All teeth

One CAC.

Has competed in rally obedience novice, the beginner’s class. He has the titel RLD N.

Approved aptitude test in tracking.

Have done mentality description.

Lille Bengt is a GREAT dog to work with! He gives 100% and is really fast. He moves very fast. He is trained in agility, freestyle, obedience and rally obedience.

He has done a herding test and got really good results.